My name is Daniel May, and I currently represent the hip hop artist, MotorCityKam. Kam is an up and coming rapper from the westside of Detroit that attends Western Michigan University In Kalamazoo MI where he started rapping a year ago; His main goal is to broadcast the good news about the city to people who do not or have not gone there through my music. The lifestyle that Kam represents is greatly influenced by fashion; You make a statement before you speak and MotorCityKam says a mouth Full with his unique style. This Picture depicts the Life In the City He lives as well as the beauty of his native land Detroit (which influences his style).

Anonymous asked:
So who takes the pictures?? Is that our job to do?

We take what we can on our own through just random encounters with people, but we also take submissions, so if you wanted to take pictures you can

Anonymous asked:
Stephen put me on to this blog and the IG via business card (great idea)! Glad I followed. You guys have promise , keep it up!

Wait, who is this though? 

Anonymous asked:
what are some of your favorite stores to shop at in detroit?

We do a lot of online shopping but some pretty dope places to check out are: burn rubber, dbl up, incognito, pogo, Lost & Found, bobs classic kicks and so on..
Then theres the more common spots like: American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, forever 21, hot topic, H&M..
Theres a lot lol

Anonymous asked:
have you ever traveled anywhere for photography? or is it all in detroit?

It’s pretty much all in Detroit. Who knows it might branch out in the future, but as of now we are pretty much trying to showcase the fashion found in the Detroit area.